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  • [Success case] Product Quality

    Jushixin is a export-oriented company, most of our products are designed for worldwide use. Till now, we have exported more than 650 semi trailers and trucks to more 25 countries around the world, including Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Honduras, South African, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia Read More

  • [Success case] Preventive measures for common cause of oil leakage analysis

    The common causes of vehicle oil leakage analysis and preventive measuresIn the use of vehicles, oil leakage often occurs, which will directly affect the technical performance of the automobile, resulting in the waste of lubricating oil and fuel, the consumption of power, the tidy vehicle capacity a Read More

  • [Success case] What do you do with a chemical liquid on your body

    In daily vehicle transportation, chemical fluid may get stuck on the vehicle, and chemical liquid will damage the surface of the car paint, so it must be removed as soon as possible. Here is a simple and effective way to remove chemical liquids.1. clean the body thoroughly with clean water.2. choose Read More

  • [Success case] Daily maintenance of oil tanker

    The daily maintenance of the oil tankerDaily maintenance and maintenance of oil tank car(1) first of all, we must understand the main structure, performance and the function of the tank car. The chassis of the special vehicle must be guaranteed or maintained at the Dongfeng second service station or Read More

  • [Success case] Solution of concrete solidified in a mixer

    Concrete condenses in the cement mixer tank, there are a lot of reasons, in addition not to clean the mixing tank in time, the main is that the mixer engine can not operate, no power input hydraulic machine and the hydraulic machine to stop the work, so that the loading tank can not rotate and let c Read More


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