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Daily maintenance of oil tanker

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The daily maintenance of the oil tanker

Daily maintenance and maintenance of oil tank car

(1) first of all, we must understand the main structure, performance and the function of the tank car. The chassis of the special vehicle must be guaranteed or maintained at the Dongfeng second service station or the liberated FAW service station according to the requirements.

(2) one oil tank car is usually made up of four parts, such as the chassis of the special vehicle (the Dongfeng or the two types of automobile chassis), the oil tank body, the pipe network system and the force collecting device.

(3) the driver friends of the oil tanker car should do the routine maintenance of the oil tank car, and do a good job of checking, cleaning, fastening and adding the car before, during and after the car, to find out the problems of the storage tank and the hidden danger in time, so that we can find out the problems in time and deal with it in time.

(4) check the oil tank body, pipe network, valve and so on before leaving the car, whether or not the oil or oil leaking, the upper cover is covered according to the requirements, the quantity of oil, the fuel oil, the cooling water, the brake of hand and foot, the steering device, the instrument, the light, the tire pressure, the tire nut and so on.

(5) the problems that a driver should pay attention to during the running of an oil tanker:


(1) the oil tank car checks the work of various meters during driving.

(2) whether the steering system of the tanker is working normally during driving.

3. It is not normal for oil tankers to check their hands and feet while driving.

4. During the running of the tanker, the engine, chassis and oil tank are running smoothly and odour.

Use the parking time to do the following inspection of the oil tank car: using hand touch wheel brake drum is not overheated, check the tightness of the tyres and nuts, remove the inclusions in the tire pattern, check the oil leaking, leakage and air leakage, check the situation of the steel plate spring, the loosening of the drive shaft bolt, check the appearance of the tank body. And the pipe network system of the oil tank car;

(6) the tanker regularly goes to Dongfeng two automobile service station and liberation FAW service station to do chassis maintenance and maintenance.

In particular, remind the driver's friends to strengthen the daily maintenance of oil tankers, and regularly check and replace fire extinguishers on vehicles to prevent accidents.



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