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Solution of concrete solidified in a mixer

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Concrete condenses in the cement mixer tank, there are a lot of reasons, in addition not to clean the mixing tank in time, the main is that the mixer engine can not operate, no power input hydraulic machine and the hydraulic machine to stop the work, so that the loading tank can not rotate and let concrete coagulate inside the agitator tank. We know that concrete is made of aggregate (sand, gravel), cementitious materials (commonly used cement) and water in a certain proportion of building materials. Ready mixed concrete is mobile and can be used to make various shapes. The solidification of concrete is mainly due to the chemical reaction of cement and water and air. The time from which cement is mixed from water to initial solidification is called initial setting time, and the time of total loss of fluidity is called final setting time.

Knowing the cause of concrete solidification in the mixer, we will share with you the solution to this difficult problem.

One solution is: after concreting, its main composition is two calcium silicate and three calcium silicate. Theoretically, hydrochloric acid can react with it to release its solid shape. Because the material of the mixer is very small, the amount of hydrochloric acid is difficult to control, and the hydrochloric acid can react with the tank of the mixer truck, so the operation is difficult to achieve. This happens in practice, usually by cutting the tank with electric welding or gas cutting, then crushing the solidified concrete.

Solution two: use the "artillery" to break the condensed concrete, and then shovel it out a little bit! The lower part of the tank should cut open a mouth and open a seal which is used to tighten the thread. The cover is to turn on the open air and emergency conditions when the demand is in. In the process of canning, the man should be ventilated in the tank, and the fan blows in the inlet of the loading tank, while the "wind gun" will bring up the dust and the concrete that is wet and broken by the water pipe. After the concrete in the tank is broken and shoveled out, then cut and open part of the welding, the upper back seal, the full water test can be normal, and then a small amount of loading to see whether the hydraulic machine work is normal, all normal that can continue to operate.


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