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Product Quality

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Jushixin is a export-oriented company, most of our products are designed for worldwide use. Till now, we have exported more than 650 semi trailers and trucks to more 25 countries around the world, including Mexico, Columbia, Chile, Peru, Honduras, South African, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc. What's more, we have established long-term semitrailer supply contracts with more than 10 famous transportation enterprises in the world.

QA /QC: Our workers are Highly skilled and educated. CAD, PRO-E are widely used in design and CAM, CNC are widely used in manufacture; Thus quality of our products are ensured from design to manufacture. Meanwhile, Jushixin has established sound QA /QC system, and products quality are also guaranteed in mass production. Jushixin has acquired ISO, EAC and CE certificates. 

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