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Sany 6x4 Concrete Mixer Truck

Chassis: Sany
Axle style: 6x4
Color: Optional
Volume: 8-12m³
Emission: EURO 4
Driving: Left / Right
  • JSX706412SAN
  • JSX
  • 8715*2496*3800(mm)


Sany 6x4 Concrete Mixer Truck 7


[Well-designed to meet the individual needs]

1.Fully integrated into the customer personalized demand and user-friendly design concept,which is the high-end products of the concrete mixing transportation equipment.

2.Strong Power, low fuel consumption, strong climbing ability;Strong flexibility and applicability,lower unloading residual rate,large volume,high efficiency.

3.Mixing body and leaf are all made from special fine grain wear plate,Integral forging raceway,which all can guarantee longer&enough life-span.

4.Mixing leaf has the excellent mixing function to make the finished concrete more uniformly,and to maintain the quality of the concrete;High strength,toughness beam, minimizing vibration.

5.The fourth axle adpoting American patented technical air suspension,can freely lift and down the lifting axle according to the weight and road environment.


Size Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 8715*2496*3800
parameters Wheelbase(mm) 3600+1350
Front overhang/rear overhang(mm) 1500/2240
Approach angle/departure angle(°) 16/26
Mix round cubage (m3  ) 8-12m³
Obliquity of the drum(0) 15/13
Weight parameters Gross Vehicle weight(kg) 12800
Permissible loading capacity 12070
Vehicle + loading capacity (kg) 25000
Axle load(kg) 7000/18000
Work Rotary speed of the drum(r/min) 0-18
parameters Input speed(m3 /min) ≥3
Output speed(m3 /min) ≥3
The rate of remaining ≤1%
Supply mode Atmospheric type
Volume of the water tank 300L
Hydraulic system Pump IMPORT PARTS
Engine Model WD615.69
Rated engine power(kw/rpm) 336HP
Max. torque N.m/(r/min) 1280/1300-1600
Gear Box Model S-13710
Brake system Service brake Dual circuit brake
Park brake Spring energy air cut brake on front shaft and rear axle
other Max. speed(km/h) 90
Tire 12.00R20

[ TIP:The parameters are just common configuration. If you have special requirements, we can provide you with customized services.]


Shacman Concrete Mixer Truck 2


There are a lot of chassis in the mixer, such as HOWO, CAMC, FOTON, Dongfeng, etc.The small square mixer adopts the driving mode of 4X2, which is the driving mode of the larger mixing vehicle, 6X4 and 8X4.

Auxiliary frame
It is mainly composed of main beam, front part and back part, which plays the role of connecting the chassis girder and supporting the mixing drum.

Cleaning system
It mainly consists of water tank, air pressure gauge, valve and pipeline.The main function is to clean the mixing drum, and the cleaning system also has a cooling effect on the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic system

he engine driven by the extractor is converted into hydraulic energy, and then the motor output is mechanical energy, and the reducer drives the mixing drum to rotate.

Mixing drum
The most important part of the vehicle, most of the mixing drum USES a light tone.The mixing drum is loaded with concrete containers. The inner wall of the cylinder is filled with spiral blades, and the concrete is inseparable from the blade in the process of stirring and moving in and out.

Row by Row
It is located at the rear of the car, which is composed of feeding hopper, hopper, main discharge chute, auxiliary discharge chute and bracket locking rod.


concrete mixer truck 1

About the cab:

Sound insulation,solid and safe . Luxury center console,original air conditioning,give you the most confortable experience.

concrete mixer truck 2

About main parts:

The speed reducer and hydraulic system are international brands,so the bearing capacity is strong and the failure rate is low.The tank is more stable,the discharging speed is faster and the residual rate is now!In order to produce a high quality product, the details are very important.The important parts we use, such as engines, hydraulic pumps and speed reducers, are well-known brands in China and even the world.



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