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3 Axle 50T Heavy Skeleton Semi Trailer

Axle: 3
Tire: 11.00R20/12R22.5
Loading Capacity: 50 T
Size:13000*2500*1550 mm
  • JSX123050SST
  • 13000*2500*1550 mm
  • 50 Tons


container skeletal skeleton semi trailer 23


1.Specially used for the transportation of various containers.Can be used over and over again, with sufficient strength.

2.Use container transhipment cargo, which can be shipped directly to the warehouse of the consignor, to be delivered to the warehouse of the consignee, and to replace the vehicle and ship in the middle of the journey.There is no need to remove the goods from the box.

3.It can be quickly unloaded and can be changed from one transportation to another.

4.Easy to fill and unload the goods and meet the personalized needs of customers.According to customer needs customization, the quality is stable, the performance is reliable.


Trailer Model JSX123050SST
Overall Dimension(Lx W x H)  13000*2500*1550 mm
Loading Weight( KG) 50 T
Axle  3 Axle
Wheelbase(mm)  6300+1310+1310 mm
Suspension system  Common Mechanical suspension
Steel Spring  12/16/12 leaf spring suspension
The material of Main beam   Beam height  500 mm
Upper plate   14mm
Down plate   16mm
Middle plate   8mm
Tire Type 12R22.5
Traction Pin 50mm or 90mm
Spare Tire Carrier 2 picecs
Tool Box  1 Standard
Landing Gear Standard  28ton
Brake system  Dual Line braking system /  ABS.
Brake air chamber  Six big chamber
Electrical system  Voltage: 24v  Receptacle: 7 ways (7 wire harness)
Side Guard  According to customer's requirement
Painting  Color by customer's requirement

[TIP: The above parameters are just general configuration.If you have specific requirements, such as flatbed/skeleton trailer style, total load, axle structure, and even important parts, we can customize it for you.]


container skeletal skeleton semi trailer 2

1.The Skeleton semi-trailer frame is welded by longitudinal beam, transverse beam, front-end beam and rear-end beam.

2.The longitudinal beam is welded with a high quality steel plate and submerged arc welding.The transverse beam is pressed into groove by high quality steel plate.front-end beam and rear-end beam are welded rectangular sections.

3.The container lock device is equipped with an integrated beam, which can carry the carrying capacity.

4.It can be loaded with standard containers of 40 feet and 20 feet.In addition, it can be customized according to your requirements.

5.The supporting device has single action and linkage type.It is mainly composed of supporting disc, screw drive mechanism, reducer box and control handle.

6.The suspension has uniaxial suspension, biaxial suspension and triaxial suspension.And equipped with a spare tire, on both sides of the truck.



Container Truck Semi Trailer 7

About the details for Container Semi Trailer:

In order to produce a high quality product, the details are very important.The important parts we use, such as,car axle, brake system, shock absorber system, even steel plate.are well-known brands in China and even the world.



About the packing for Container Semi Trailer:

We'll try to help you save transportation costs.We have been in contact with many customers, so we have a very good ways for product transportation.



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