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Snow day driving full strategy!

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Snow day driver tips - Preparation

1. cover the front windshield with a piece of cloth in the evening. (second morning, you will be very economical).

2. if the tire is still standard air pressure, then put it in a ruthless way. If it is 2.5MPa, it will be reduced to 2. Increase the crown area.

3. in the morning, heat the car to the thermostat and turn the air conditioning hot air to the front windshield.

4. if the front windshield is covered with snow, it must be clear. The rain wiper is not so vigorous. If you stop halfway, your wiper motor will be completely cut off.

5. in the morning, no matter whether there is snow or not, the start must be slow, because the friction disc of the disc brake may have frozen with the brake disc, hard to come, the friction piece may fall off.

6. glass doors and windows may also be frozen, not blown before, it is best not to open.

7. sound is best not to open, through the fetal noise to determine what kind of road you are on.

8. the two rearview mirror is far away from the usual visual distance. It is easy to avoid being scratched by others.

9. to go out long distance to prepare the chain.


Road tip - Road text

Anti sideslip

To prevent sideslip, first of all, we must control the speed of the vehicle. It is best not to exceed 40 yards when driving on a snowy day. At the same time, there are different driving methods in different sections.

If you have a sideslip in traffic, do not worry, do not rush to turn around, and do not brake urgently. This will only make the sideslip more serious. The correct way should be to turn the steering wheel lightly in the direction of slipping, and then slowly correct the direction of the vehicle after the direction and speed of the vehicle are completely controlled.

Start: when ice and snow roads start, do not increase the throttle, which will make the tire slip and cause difficulty in starting.

Upslope: in the upslope Road, if the ice and snow roads are wet and slippery, do not slow down, you can rely on the inertia. When the ice and snow pavement downhill, the manual gear should choose 1 gear, but not the refueling door, you must put the foot on the brake board, and take the brakes with the brakes. The automatic gear should choose the low speed gear and step on the brake lightly.

Turn: when turning, make sure that you reduce the speed of the car in advance and stabilize the steering wheel. When the vehicle is not affected, the turning radius should be increased as far as possible to reduce the centrifugal force when turning.

Anti tail

The rear end and side skidding are snowy days, and they are always companions. To prevent rear end collision, the key point is to maintain a longer safe distance. When the rain and snow travel, the distance between the vehicle and the front vehicle should be 1.5-3 times that of normal.

Deceleration brake: once the emergency needs to slow down, do not step on the brake, should step on the brake board, use the "point" brake, so that the speed of the vehicle down.

If the wheel does not brake anti lock device, it is necessary to use "joint brake", that is, at the moment of "brake", the car's gear is quickly dropped from high gear to low gear, which can increase the friction of the car itself, thus the effect of braking.

Automatic car brakes: automatic gear car because it can not hand down, so its "joint brake" method is to point the brake, at the same time pull the hand brake, to stop the vehicle.


If you need to stop on the ice and snow, you should choose the sun, the shelter, the flat dry place, and the building, the wire rod or other vehicles to prevent the skidding collision. If you have to stop on the ramp, you should hang up the "upslope" position (such as the head up, in order to prevent the car slipping on the 1 gear), and the other way is to find a block top in front of the most downward wheel.


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