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Matters needing attention in the selection and purchase of concrete pump truck

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As the modern construction means, the concrete pump car has the characteristics of large quantity of transportation and fast transportation speed. It has an irreplaceable effect on speeding up the construction progress, shortening the time limit and reducing the construction cost. What matters should be paid attention to when selecting and purchasing concrete pump trucks?

1. select the famous brand, the quality of the product is guaranteed. Through the sales company of the production enterprise or the Sales Office of the production enterprise, it is necessary to consult the identification certificate of the purchase products, the type test report, the inspection report of the special vehicle and the inspection report of the strong inspection project, the motor vehicle catalogue number, the certificate of quality system certification and so on. It is best to send a special person to the production enterprise to inspect its production, management and Quality, as the basis for the selection of goods.

2. according to the situation of undertaking the project and the size of the construction project, the length of the period and the frequency of the transfer, the maximum pumping square, the length of the cloth arm, the parameters of the cloth arm and the chassis adapted to the equipment are determined. Inspecting the quality of products should be from exterior to interior, first of all, whether the appearance, painting, welding steel structure, walking platform, railing and so on are smooth and smooth, beautiful and smooth. The performance quality of the chassis engine, the gearbox, the split bridge, the main hydraulic components, the pump system, the cloth arm, the rotary mechanism and the rotary support are gradually deepened to the interior.

3. inspect the performance of the product, the smoothness and flexibility of each part of the movement, whether the arm and the recovery cloth arm have abnormal jitter, the chassis driving, the turning diameter, the approaching angle, the departure angle, the minimum clearance and so on, whether the economic indicators such as the fuel consumption rate of the engine are reasonable, The operation of the remote control is reliable and stable. We should also carefully understand the manufacturing quality of the structural parts of the self-made cloth arm. In order to reduce the weight of the cloth arm, the bottom frame and the leg, the steel should adopt the carbon steel (thin steel plate) with high strength and fine fine grain structure. The welding process is very strict, otherwise the cracking of the weld will be very serious.

4. check the safety and environmental requirements of the product, and check whether the special vehicle's strong inspection project, braking performance, emission index and noise limit are in conformity with the standard requirements. Inspect whether the after-sales service outlets of the supply enterprises can meet the timely service, and the ability of service quality, service level and timely supply of spare parts. To understand the training commitments and training commitments of customers, drivers and maintenance personnel.

5. the purchase and acceptance of the goods and acceptance of the detailed checklist of inventory and relevant information, certificate of conformity, the use of instructions, accessories, accessories, maintenance bags and so on is in line with the object, the purchase procedures should be complete and complete. The purchasing unit shall select the driver, machine operator and maintenance personnel specially trained by the supplier, and operate and maintain according to the instruction manual.


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