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Eight major problems in concrete mixer truck

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1. What is the problem of the non combustion of the urea in the mixer?

Answer: because there are impurities in the urea, after burning, the exhaust pipe filter is blocked, and the exhaust pipe filter should be replaced or cleaned.

2, stirred car why the driving process is not strong?

Answer: it may be that the exhaust brake of the mixer is turned on, and the exhaust brake can be closed.

3. When the mixer pulls up the material, it will lift the car up the slope. Why can't it be discharged?

Answer: the concrete will accumulate in the head of the mixer in the process of upside down, and the center of gravity is in front of the agitator, and the distribution of the concrete is uneven, which leads to the failure of the reducer.

4, the new buying agitator in the course of a sudden fire?

Answer: may be a new mixer tank into the air, because of the new stirring tank of oil itself is not much, the process is likely to fuel into the air, as long as a few raft can not exhaust, it will supply the nut loose mouth, put a large amount of gas can be discharged, otherwise a small amount of diesel out, some small loss.

5, the newly purchased mixer will display the "move" pattern on the electronic instrument during the driving process.

Answer: this situation is to tell you that the car needs to be maintained.

6. The "fault light" is displayed on the electronic instrument of the mixer.

Answer: do not worry too much, perhaps because you add the oil number and the last inconsistent, the possible addition of urea and the last is not a brand, may lead to "fault lights" will be bright, can go to the service station for computer detection to eliminate.

7, stirred car wheel heating?

Answer: the wheel should be hit with butter to check whether there are bubbles in the track and whether the track is variant.

8. The heat sink of the mixer?

Answer: to replace the hydraulic oil or radiator filter core.


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