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A concrete mixer in the summer is to do a good job of four prevention

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How can the concrete mixer survive the summer? The following four prevention works should be done:

1. The "brake failure" of the small concrete mixer truck

The brake fluid is easily evaporated and vaporized in high temperature environment, and the air brake is formed in the brake pipeline, and the brake shoe piece is also easily ablated to form a brake failure. Therefore, the braking system should be checked and adjusted in time in summer. The parking brake should be paid attention to on the long slope, and the braking performance is good. If the brake hub is found to be ironed, the cooling should be stopped, but the cold water should not be poured to prevent the brake hub from breaking.

2, anti mixing car "tire burst"

Summer is the season when it is easy to tire. It is easy to tire deformation and pull down. As a tire itself, the air pressure is not standard, the tire is aging, the performance is weakened, or the tire rolling to hard metal or other hard materials during the running process can cause the sudden blowout of the car. Therefore, the tire pressure should be reduced properly before going out, and the tire temperature and pressure should be checked in time while driving. If the tire temperature is too high and the tire pressure is too high, we should not take the way of deflating and splashing cold water, and choose to stop in the shade. For example, when the temperature is properly reduced, the wading should be treated in order to prevent the early damage of the tire.

3. Prevent the smoothness from being smooth

When the temperature is high, the viscosity of the oil decreases, and the oxidation resistance becomes poor. Therefore, the oil quantity should be checked regularly in summer, and the oil filter should be added or changed in time; the oil filter and radiator should be cleaned in time to ensure the smooth flow of the oil and good heat dissipation, and to prevent the overloading of the initiators as much as possible.

4. "Damage of car paint" in anti concrete mixer

Although it doesn't seem to have any life, it is also afraid of drying. Ordinary Cosmetic Wax Polish is of course some function, but since any vehicle wax contains silicon, ultraviolet rays will rust the paint and leave spots. And the car wax itself can not play the role of strengthening the hardness, the anti ultraviolet effect, will be exorbitant because of the temperature exorbitant, so the car should be parking in the cool place when parking.


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