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Select oil to pay attention to four elements

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Automobile maintenance experts believe that under normal circumstances, the choice of motor oil should pay attention to the following four elements:

(1) the selection of the engine oil should be based on the requirements of the engine. It is not necessary to use too advanced oil on the lower engine and the lower engine oil to the higher engine.

(2) as far as possible, multistage oil should be selected. Multistage oil has good protection function for engine because of its saving, long service life and high efficiency. Based on the characteristics of multistage oil, there may be premature black and oil pressure smaller than ordinary oil in the course of use, all of them are normal.

(3) some of the domestic famous brand oil quality is quite good, and the price is lower than the import of similar products, can be used safely, it is not necessary to pursue "foreign oil".

(4) if the engine is in good condition and the season temperature is low, use the smaller viscosity oil as far as possible so as to smooth the oil passage. For example, in the high temperature season or serious engine wear condition, the selection of high viscosity oil will help to form oil film and reduce engine wear.


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