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Quality Control
How To Realize the Qualitiy Control???

1.Supply System:

A.Screening Standard for the raw material vendors.
(1)Confirm the types of the raw material according to the products configuration made by our technical team.
(2)Our purchasing department would tick off the vendor lists of kinds of parts for the further assessment.
(3)Evaluating:more optional parts vendors to guarantee the supply of the raw material;Strictly judge the vendor according to the stipulation of the relevant kind of the Vehicles
(4)The purchasing department should ask the Qualification Documents for kinds of the vendors.
(5)The Evaluators is composed of Purchasing Department,Technical Department,Financial Department,Director/Manager. 
(6)Evaluation ContentIncluding Vendor Name,Common Name of the raw material,Enterprise Qualification(Production License Certificates,Products Approval Number,Business License),Product Performance Standards,Quality Assurance ability,Other Quality Reputation,Enterprise Supply Ability,Transportation Way,Payment Terms etc. Contents.

B.How to avoid the poor quality raw materials into the factory.
(1)Establishing the material supplier system.Purchasing,Acceptance Check,Storing according the ISO9001 Quality Management System.
(2)Working out the purchasing plan of the Raw Material.
Grasp the Acceptance of materials off
A)Check carefully if the content of the certificates is consistent with the actual products;
B)Check if Factory certificate of conformity is complete,If not,we will firmly not use the products of this supplier.
C)Check if the outside shape(including the packing,Marks and relative content) of the products is qualified.
D)Check if the serial number and the dimension of same batch products is consistent,avoid different quality products mixed together;
E)Regarding the incoming materials,we request our IQC must do incoming inspection and sampling inspection strictly to guarantee the quality;
F)We request that must adhere to the principle that must test before using any materials,we will firmly reject the unqualified materials after testing.

2.Production System:
A. Mature technology
(1)We adopt the strong Parametric, Variable-mechanical simulation, Finite Element Analysis and Feature - Based 3D Solid Mechanical Design Software to develop and design,Products adhere to the quality win(has passed the ISO9001&CCC).  
(2)We have more than 120 patents.
(3) Equipped with more than 2000 sets of equipment, such as plasma cutting machines, US Lincoln welding machines, welding robots, all kinds of large and medium-sized rolling machinesbeveling machinescranes, heat treatment furnace, NDT equipment, etc. Among them, there are more than 200 sets of testing equipment.
(4)Leading time is very short.Its 7-15 days for the bulk orders,while for the Batch order,its within 3 months. 
B.Our Skilled and experienced Staff
(1)Top expert team: we have more than 330 professional technical staff, 30 senior engineers (5 research level engineers), about 500 staff who are either multi-skilled technical talents or senior technicians, 9 experts and professors employed in the industry. 
(2)Stills status of our workers:
A)We will arrange the senior engineer to do the collective training,Learning theory and practical operation.
B)Could operate skillfully according to the procedures.
C)Can eliminate the general technical failure
C.How to control the quality during the production processes?
In order to guarantee the quality of each vehicle,at the same time of passing the third party quality inspection institution,we also build one set of the inspection standard in our own company to strengthen the quality inspection and supervision of each vehicle,to ensure the quality of the products fundamentally. 
(1)Process Inspection Control
Including three procedures:First Inspection,Go around&Inspection,Final Inspection.
A)There are 5 time points for the first inspection:Product began production;The device is readjusted again;New raw material inputs;Operator changes;There are customer needs.
B)Go around&Inspection mainly pay attention to controlling the inspection frequency,clear inspection content,and then by the IPQC special inspection.
C)Final Inspection need to be done in accordance with the drawings to confirm the full range of products;should modify the mold timely if find there is the mold problems.Besides,also need to assess the entire batch of products.
(2)Quality cost linked with the performance appraisal 
Including the assessment of the poor quality cost;Conduct prenatal training on quality control points;Quality cost responsibility to the exact people;Development and implementation the Incentive&punishment measures.
(3)Process control
Play the role of technology and IE control,First of all, to implement the process documentation requirements,will implement the requirement to everyone of the production site;Secondly inform the importance of process arrangements and control points;Once again on-site IPQC to confirm the material of the production line,to avoid adverse material flow into production

3.QC system:
AThere are more than 1000 people in our QC department,most of them work as QC for almost ten years.
B.QC system operating system
The functions of the QC department:
1.Establish and sound the quality of the Organization Department of the management structure, a clear responsibility for the post.
2.Formulate quality policy, determine the quality objectives, organizational quality control, quality inspection standards such as the development of management system, inspection, supervision, control and implementation.
3.The preparation of monthly, quarterly, annual quality work plan, and organize the appropriate implementation, inspection, coordination and assessment.
4.Establish and improve the quality assurance system, formulate and organize the implementation of quality management system certification and audit work, improve the quality management network, develop and improve the quality of the target responsibility system to ensure product quality stability and improvement,timely handling and resolution of various quality accidents.
5.Do a good job of quality education together with the HR department.
6.Responsible for collecting and sorting out advanced quality management experience and transmitting quality information.
7.Establish and improve the original records, accounting, statistical reports of the quality work and quality cost accounting procedures.
8.The regular reports of quality are submitted to the higher authorities.
9.Complete other related work tasks on time.
Post settings:
For the current operation procedures of the QC department, set up the following positions
1.IQC:Check the appearance and function of all accessories and raw materials.
2.IPQC:On a certain product,do the assembly inspection after the accessories all in place.
3.LQC:In the production process,control all aspects of the assembly line.
4.OQC:Random sampling inspection of the finished product before delivery.
C.The implementation of accountability for the QC system
Responsibilities of IQC
1)Responsible for inspection and testing according to inspection procedures and other technical data, and put forward inspection and test conclusions.The components not meeting the requirements not warehousing. Regular review of inventory products, timely inform quality control manager, and submit warehouse inventory quality status timely.
2)No valid test basis for the product,have the right to refuse to test or not provide test conclusions.
3)Responsible for timely fill out the inspection records in accordance with regulations, and the inspection records and related documents signed.
4)Conscientiously implement the provisions of inspection and test status signs, the non-conforming products found in the inspection plastered unqualified mark, isolated storage and record, and have the responsibility to analyze the causes of failure to make recommendations for improvement.
5)The correctly use and maintenance the measuring instruments,hand over to the Department of quality control by cycle,to ensure the calibration state.
6)In the event of quality problems,should timely feedback to the quality control department.
7)For the C class quality characteristics of nonconforming products,they have the right to dispose of;on the B and A quality characteristics of nonconforming products,they have the right to make recommendations of the initial disposal and timely submit to the quality control department to examine and appraise.
8)Bear direct responsibility for the loss caused by the individual wrong-inspection, missed inspection and misjudged.
9)Bear direct responsibility for the loss caused by unauthorized non-performance of job responsibilities,the batch of unqualified within the scope of the post,or caused other losses.
10)Bear direct responsibility for loss caused by the failure to fill out the inspection records or record untrue record.
Responsibilities of IPQC
1)Make sure the material is correct before the production.
2)After the first qualified product is finished, it is necessary to cooperate with the production site management staff to do the first piece and confirm OK, the first piece is the vice model to ensure that each employee to achieve the quality standards.
3)Inspecting production lines at any time, it is best to identify problems in the production front-end, in each inspection and spot checks, if found abnormal quality, must be promptly reflected to the production foreman or supervisor,and demonstrate solutions to overhaul.
4)To master the product sampling standards,visual inspection standards and assembly standards,for the products of no valid basis for the inspection,have the right to refuse to test or not provide test conclusions.
5)Need to re-sample for the problem of reworking,and timely finding the  problems. 
6)Fill out the quality exception report form and check the situation of the implementation. 
7)Convey the Quality managers requirements to the staff,so that a clear quality objectives, to strengthen their sense of quality.

To be continued......



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