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Prospect of remanufacturing industry in engineering machinery industry

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Remanufacturing is an inevitable requirement for the scientific development of green circular economy. Based on the remanufacturing industry development at home and abroad, the development of remanufacturing industry China engineering machinery should focus on technological innovation, for the comprehensive construction of the remanufacturing supporting service system, create a good environment for the development of manufacturing industries, to provide strong support.

Entering the twenty-first Century, protecting the earth's environment, building a recycling economy and maintaining the sustainable development of social economy has become a topic of common concern all over the world. The mode of circular economy is vigorously advocated the pursuit of greater economic efficiency, less resource consumption, less environmental pollution and more employment in an advanced economy mode.

Remanufacturing engineering in order to save resources, save energy, protect the environment features, to comprehensive utilization of information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other high technology as the core, fully embodies the characteristics of independent innovation with China characteristics. Then the manufacturer can make the value of waste resources to maximize the development and utilization, ease the contradiction between resources shortage and waste of resources, reduce failure, a large number of end-of-life products harmful to the environment, is the best form and preferred way of waste electromechanical products, is an important means of saving resources. Remanufacture engineering is highly fit for countries to build strategic requirements of circular economy, and provide key technical support, vigorously carry out the green remanufacturing engineering is one of the main ways of economic, energy-saving emission reduction and sustainable development cycle.

Remanufacturing engineering with Chinese characteristics can be simply summarized as: remanufacturing is the industrialization of the renovation and transformation of waste products. Remanufacturing engineering China characteristics is developed based on maintenance engineering and surface engineering, mainly based on the composite surface engineering technology, nano surface technology and automated surface technology, the advanced surface technology is foreign remanufacturing have not been used. An important feature is that the performance and quality of remanufactured products is not lower than the cost of new products, only 50% of new, energy saving 60%, section 70%, adverse effects on the environment significantly reduced compared with the product. The application of advanced surface engineering technology in remanufacturing can increase the remanufacturing rate of the old parts to 90%, so that the size accuracy and quality performance standard of the parts are not lower than the new prototype level, and the new product level can be reached in the aspects of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and the performance quality of the remanufactured equipment parts is finally ensured. Reaching or even exceeding the prototype new product is widely recognized and concerned by international colleagues.

In industrial developed countries, the harm caused by waste products was exposed earlier, and corresponding countermeasures were put forward and implemented earlier.

From 30 to 40s twentieth Century, in order to get out of the predicament of the economic depression, the embryonic form of the earliest remanufacturing industry appeared in the automobile maintenance industry of the United States. By the beginning of 1980s, the United States formally proposed "remanufacturing". Since then, other developed countries began to develop remanufacturing industry vigorously.  At present, remanufacturing has become an important industry in developed countries in Europe and the United States. In 2005, the output value of the global remanufacturing industry exceeded US $100 billion, and the remanufacturing industry in the US was the largest, reaching US $75 billion. In recent years, Japan has strengthened the remanufacturing of construction machinery. Of the construction machinery remanufactured by 2008, 58% were used by Japanese domestic users, 34% were exported to foreign countries, and the remaining 8% were sold as accessories after being dismantled.

In the remanufacturing design, the European and American countries mainly combine the specific products to study the important design elements in the remanufacturing process, such as disassembly performance, the type of material, the design structure and the way of fastening. In the remanufacturing process, the connotation of remanufacturing for the electronic products is that it is still of use value. The parts are reused directly.

China's remanufacturing industry has been developing for more than 10 years. On the basis of practice, gradually formed a high-tech as the support, a combination of research, innovation and economic cycle is the Chinese characteristics of remanufacturing mode. The remanufacturing mode of Chinese characteristics emphasizes the combination of basic research and engineering practice, innovating the key technology of remanufacturing with Chinese characteristics, constructing the remanufacturing quality control system of the waste products, ensuring the performance quality and reliability of the remanufactured products of the engineering machinery. Under the background of green economy, the engineering machinery enterprises need more. To pay attention to remanufacturing.


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