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Development direction of automotive parts and components technology in China

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Now the technical progress of auto parts is not simply reflected in the improvement of product performance, but more in the arrangement and combination of many parts. From the technology source of auto parts industry, some technology originates from the industry, and there are many technology sources outside the industry. For example, the penetration of digital and electronic technology to the auto parts industry, to a great extent, has changed the traditional understanding of the automotive parts and components, which are mainly mechanical components. The integration of auto parts technology is mainly manifested in two aspects. One is the modularization of parts and two is the penetration of new materials and technologies.


1. Modularization of auto parts

Modularization is the combination of parts and subsystems, which refers to the combination of parts and systems in a car into a multi-functional, highly integrated large component. Taking Delphi's modular door as an example, it integrates multiple subsystems and components such as electric doors and windows, burglar proof, rearview mirror adjustment, lighting, side air bag and sound. Modularization not only takes part in the responsibility of design and manufacture, but also reduces the cost burden of the whole vehicle factory, so that the vehicle manufacturers are more focused on improving the performance of the whole vehicle.

At present, modularization is better done by Volkswagen, Delphi, TOYOTA and other companies. Modular system development and supply will also be the development trend of auto parts. Therefore, our country should also intensify research and development on the modularization of auto parts, so as to support the vehicle in more ways. At present, the Passat produced by Shanghai Volkswagen three factory has taken the lead in realizing modular assembly, forming four modules - car door, cab, power assembly and front circumference module. Each module has the corresponding inspection to ensure the reliability of the system of electrical and mechanical functions.

Two, the penetration of new materials and new power technology

From the material science, the new material has a great influence on the auto parts. The use of the new material will make the mechanical properties of the parts, the light weight of the whole vehicle, the safety and reliability of the whole vehicle further improved. For example, to improve the strength and toughness of the automobile structure material, make it more solid and reliable. Once the traffic accidents such as crash and car turn over, the degree of damage can be reduced to the maximum and the safety of the crew can be ensured. The lightweight parts can not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also improve the performance of the whole vehicle.


From the new power technology, the depletion of traditional energy will certainly promote the development of new energy technology. And the current new energy power technology is also a hot topic in the near future. With the introduction of the new energy vehicle planning in China, the "electric vehicle industrial alliance" composed of 16 central enterprises and the "inter national alliance for sustainable new energy", composed of 6 Chinese and foreign enterprises such as IBM, American Eaton Corporation and Futian Automobile, have been set up. Technology will have a long-term and significant impact on the automotive industry.

With energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection and safety as the main trend of automobile development, the major parts and components enterprises in the world have shifted their main direction from the scale effect to new technology, new materials, new technology and other high-tech technologies to arm the automobile industry. China's components and components should also develop new products and seize the competitive commanding heights in key areas such as new technologies, new materials and new technologies.


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